Oceanic Gardens

Coral Acclimation Guide

1. Float Coral

Float the coral bag in your tank for 15 minutes.

2. Transfer Coral

Open the coral bag and pour the water into the styrofoam shipping tub or another container. Place the coral into the water in the container. Add water from your tank until the coral is fully covered.

3. Pest Prevention

Gently blow off the coral with a turkey baster to shake off any potential hitchhikers.

4. Place Coral In Tank

Place coral near or at the bottom of your tank to monitor any possible signs of stress after shipping.

Dipping Your Corals

We recommend that you dip your coral 12-24 hours after adding to your tank. It is unlikely that any hitchhikers will leave your coral within this time period. Dipping too soon can cause a stress overload for your coral after shipping.